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By Pit Master Larry Mondello. The self-taught Long Island native had developed an interest in barbecue done the traditional American way: low and slow. From 2012 into late 2015 was his trial period where he immersed himself his craft; reading every book and article he could find and watching every show and YouTube tutorial from pit masters all across the United States.

These years were vital to the development of the Meat's Meat recipes because as a hobby there was the freedom to experiment, which he did, from the types of wood, injections, cooking times, cuts of meat, and hot and cool spots in his first hand made smoker in his own backyard. In 2016, Larry bought a food truck and customized by hand to create his ideal meat wagon that pulled the smoker in tow.

His nickname and his appearance could be intimidating to some, but Mondello is an easygoing guy who's clearly proud of what he's accomplished, and happy to talk about his thriving business.

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